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Pool Information


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Pool Hours:

Closed for the season.

See you in the Spring!

Pool Committee:

The Pool Committee is designed to work with the Pool Management Company to ensure quality service and to make sure the contract with the management company is adhered to as prescribed by the Truro Board of Directors.

We are the liaison between the pool management company and the Board.  Any problems are taken to the Board or directly to the Pool Management Company as necessary.  A mid-season assessment of performance is done in July to correct any deficiencies and to address concerns of the community.  Positive feedback is  also rendered at this time.

The committee also orders furniture and miscellaneous items for the opening of the pool season.  Based on numbers supplied by the Board, the season begins with a prescribed number of tables, umbrellas, chairs and lounges.  After the season concludes, we determine the number of items needed for the next pool season.   All expenditures are approved by the Board.

The committee meets on a regular basis during the summer.

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